Keep up with my Candy Crushin’ skills

Candy Crushin'I am Nate Heath and I play a lot of Candy Crush. Which Candy Crush you ask? Yes, I answer. Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda, and even the Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld. Between the 3 games, I have now completed over 7000 levels. I have been focused on the original Saga lately and just sailed past level 5000.

As I arrived to level 1000 on the original Saga, I decided that I should start documenting my adventures, mostly on Youtube. I have started capturing my games on both my MacBook Pro via Facebook and my iPhone 6.

Also, I am quite proud to say that I have accomplished all of this without ever spending any real money in the game. It has become easier since you can receive boosts and bonuses via in-game events and giveaways.

I have some more features I am planning on adding to my videos (mostly my face talking to you). So please follow, like and/or subscribe via the social medias and let me know what levels you would like to see me play.

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