Keep up with my Candy Crushin’ skills

Candy Crushin'I play a lot of Candy Crush. Which Candy Crush you ask? Yes, I answer. Candy Crush Saga, Candy Crush Soda, and even the Candy Crush Saga Dreamworld. Between the 3 games I have now complete over 2000 levels.

As I arrived to level 1000 on the original Saga, I decided that I should start documenting my adventures, mostly through Youtube. I have started capturing my games on both my MacBook Pro via Facebook and my iPhone 6.

Also I am quite proud to say that I have accomplished all of this without ever spending any real money in the game. It has become easier since you can recieve boosts and bonuses via in game events and giveaways.

I have some more features I am planning on adding to my videos (mostly my face talking to you). So please follow, like and/or subscribe via the social medias and let me know what levels you would like to see me play.

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